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Listen to a sample from "Calm Waters"  Native Flute Meditations for the Healing Arts:

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                                        Kent Richards


           Flute Meditations for the Healing Arts


Listen to a sample from "Perceptions": Native Flute Meditations for the Healing Arts:

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will you join me (sample).mp3 will you join me (sample).mp3
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"His native flute performance can transport and transform any anxious mind to visions of peace, harmony, and well-being"

                                                Catherine Schwark



"Kent's beautiful music has been a positive part of my own meditation practice. It calms the mind and soothes the soul."

                                                          Pam Johnstone



"Peaceful, calming, and relaxing. I use Kent's flute C.D.s at my day-care center"

                                                                   Mavis Fry

"Calm Waters"

$ 10.00 USD

Free Shipping and Handling!!!
   in the U.S.

Kent's newest Flute Meditation C.D.
Designed for Healing Touch and Massage.
This C.D. has slow and soothing melodies
that will calm the mind and soul.
runtime 73:50



$ 10.00 USD

Free Shipping and Handling!!!                       in the U.S.

Kent's solo Native Flute Meditation C.D.
Inspired by his sojourne to the Badlands
of South Dakota in the fall of '09'
designed to help energize and balance the Chakras.
runtime 70:53


"3 Spirits One Voice"

$ 10.00 USD



Free Shipping and Handling!!!
   in the U.S.

A variety of flute meditations from the hearts and souls of
Jill James, Kent Richards and Terry McKinley
runtime 79:22



to purchase C.D.s by mail, please send check for $10 each to

Kent Richards 44310 Maple Lane Harris MN. 55032

or contact