Inner Spirit Harmony

Healing Touch 

is an energy-based therapy using gentle hand techniques to help  re-align the human energy field and accelerate healing of body, mind and spirit.

A course of study endorsed by the American Holistic Nursing Association



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"Gifted and extremely skilled, Kent is a spirit-filled practitioner of healing who knows and practices his craft well. I highly recommend Kent's Healing Touch treatments."  

    Jackie Mielke,      Certified  Healing Touch Practitioner/Instructor 



Healing Touch can:

Relieve back, neck and shoulder pain

Enhance spiritual development and personal growth

Aid in pain relief for pre and post op surgeries

Promote faster wound healing (physical and emotional)

Reduce anxiety, restlessness and stress

Offer support for the dying process



"Kent's Healing Touch sessions provide me with a sense of reconnection with self; as well as pain relief, relaxation, & renewed mental clarity. Receiving HT is an important part of my own self-care"      

       Debra Josephson